i-Neighbour Features
i-Neighbour Features
Simple Signup Process
To sign up for a free account, the neighbourhood, RA or management company only need to provide your name, neighbourhood name and contact email. It is THAT simple!
Multi-administrative and Maintenance
i-Neighbour allows multi-administrators to manage the account. The management can be delegated to Group of Administrators under guidelines of the neighbourhood's management
Cloud Security Storage
All data is stored in server provided by our prestige partner - Amazon Web Services, preventing data loss and secured by their advanced unique authentication system.
Analyzed Reports
i-Neighbour generates reports by analyzing data it collected from visitors, visitations and so on. This helps neighbourhood management to get clear picture of their daily visitations.
Visitor Automation
Using i-Neighbour, owners/residents can easily manage their visitors individually, by approving or rejecting their visitations' pre-registration.
Easy and Fast Visitor Pre-registration
Visitor can shorten their registration process by pre-registering their visitation online or via i-Neighbour apps. Owners/residents can also invite their guests by helping them to pre-register using i-Neighbour. All visitor registrations will be visible by security/receptionist for security purposes.
QR Code as Visitation Express Pass
Once visitor pre-registration is approved by the owner/resident, visitor will receive a Visitation Express Pass (QR code) via email or i-Neighbour apps. Show it to the security or receptionist counter for express visitation!
Single Pass for Multiple Entry
Regular visitor like supplier, contract staff, maintenance team, tuition teacher etc., system will support to generate single pass for multiple entry/day with due date.
Receive Reminder Prior to Visitation
As a user-friendly system, both host and visitor can set visitation reminder prior to the visitation approved via i-Neighbour apps or email.
Visitation Notes
Want to jot down a very special visit experience? All registered members, owners and residents can add their personal notes on each visitation they received/made for their own reference.
Check Visitation History
All registered users will be able to check their visitation history and keep the records in our safe cloud server!
Blacklist Unwelcomed Guest
Owner and residents can choose to block certain guests from entering their premises by blacklisting them. Security personnel will get the blacklisted guests to apply precaution when the unwelcomed guests arrive.
Bulletin Board for Resident's Association
i-Neighbour also provides a space for RA to post important news/information to their residents on the dashboard. RA can upload important contacts, documents, RA committee list, upcoming events, photo album and etc on i-Neighbour to keep all their residents up-to-date.