TimeTec BLE-2
Long Range RFID Barrier Gate System
FAQ for TimeTec Barrier - BLE 2
TimeTec Long Range RFID Barrier Gate System is an optional solution that can be integrated with i-Neighbour Smart Community System. The Barrier Gate System consists of a few major components, i.e. the long range UHF reader & UHF controller, BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board and CCTV integration along with the Software.

The long range UHF reader can support a maximum distance of 10 meters. By default, the long range UHF reader and its controller work to capture and verify the card data from the driver or vehicle. As such, the reader has its own software to store and manage the residents’ card data while its controller takes full control of the barrier gates. On the other hand, the CCTV is used to monitor and record the inflow or outflow of the registered residents and visitors’ vehicle.

The BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board stores residents’ card data/verification algorithm and can be integrated into the long range UHF reader to override the current system. In other words, the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board uses the long range UHF reader to collect/validate the card data and subsequently controls the access of the barrier gate.

The Management has the option of issuing long range RFID cards or non-transferable long range RFID tear-torn stickers that can be placed on the vehicles to be used as credentials for gaining uninterruptible access. Correspondingly, the Management can also manage the individual resident’s card data within i-Neighbour system as its Mobile App can be used to sync all data into the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board. Basically speaking, the residents’ entries/exits records stored inside the BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board can be downloaded and synced to i-Neighbour’s Mobile App by the System Admin from time to time.

Readability of UHF signal from a long range thus maintaining a smoother access at the guardhouse.
No more winding down of window to flash card which will cause wetness during rainy days or exposure to robbery threats for the drivers.
Fast and capable of reducing traffic congestion during peak hour.
Current long-range UHF barrier system can be maintained and integrated with i-Neighbour smart community system if the management still wanted to keep the system.
All entry and exit images can be recorded for visual evidence if installed together with surveillance cameras.
Affordable price to maintain the durable long range UHF card.
UHF tear torn sticker’s access credential is not transferable for better safety measure.
Your vehicle would be safe at home when you are away as residents are allowed to set their abroad duration through i-Neighbour account in order to temporary disable the card access.
How Its Mechanism Works:
Long Range UHF Reader reads the registered microchip built-in the tear-torn sticker/UHF card inside the vehicle from afar and the barrier gate is then triggered to open ahead of time. As such, vehicles can enter without the need to fully stop for flashing of card at the reader. This allows for smoother traffic flow and greatly reduces traffic jam during peak hours.

1 Long Range Reader
UHF Long Range Reader permeates UV protection film to read the UHF card inside the vehicle (within 1.8 to 10 meter range) or UHF tear-torn sticker outside the vehicle and send the card number to the controller to instruct the lifting of barrier gate.

2 Access Controller
The BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board integrates with the Long Range UHF Reader at the guardhouse to verify card number, expiry date and access permission. Upon approval, BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board will trigger the opening of the barrier gate while at the same time; the surveillance camera will capture a picture for record purposes.

3 Varifocal IR Camera
IR Camera will be adjusted to obtain a complete view of the vehicle type and its license plate.

4 NVR Video Server
NVR will send captured picture to the software.

5 Fast Speed Barrier Gate
Barrier gate will open in just 1.8 sec to reduce waiting time and allow faster traffic flow.

6 Loop detector
Loop detector will trigger barrier gate to close automatically after the vehicle has completely passed through.

7 i-Neighbour Admin Software
The cloud system record event log of each entry and exit of residents’ & visitors’ vehicles and the management of registered vehicles.

8 Anti-Torn Sticker/UHF Card/Heavy Duty UHF Tag
UHF Card/Anti-Torn Sticker/Heavy Duty UHF Tag is issued to valid residents for their registered vehicles to be read by UHF reader every time they access the barrier gate.
Brochure: Installation Guide:
TimeTec Barrier
BLE 2 Gate Control Relay Board
Channels 2 FORM C Relay output
NO/NC selected via jumper
Weigand 26-bit input
Gates Max 2
Dimension 100 (L) x 231 (W) x 62 (H)
Weighing (kg) 0.6
Power input 9 ~ 24 VDC
Working temperature 0-45
Humidity (%) 20-80
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2
Weigand 26-bit input
Effective distance (m) 5 (For mobile app)
LED indicator Yes
Transaction records Unlimited, stored in cloud server
Event capacity Unlimited, stored in cloud server
Mobile OS Android 4.0.2 and above
iOS 8.0 and above
App & Cloud TimeTec VMS, TimeTec Access and i-Neighbour
Language (App & cloud) Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Nepali, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.